Die Slow Session trifft sich zur Zeit unregelmäßig. Bitte auf unseren Folkies-Kalender achten.

Wir suchen noch einen Pub, in dem wir uns regelmäßig an den ungeraden Mittwochen treffen können.

Manchmal sind wir in der Titanic, Stresemannstr.

Das Repertoire der Titanic Session

unter anderem Tunes aus den 5 Jahren Learnersession:

Polkaset Britches
Tripping upstairs
Sliabh Russel
Lisnagun + Butcher's Jig
Maid behind the bar
I buried my wife.
Donegal Reel HH
Reels Maid behind & Cup
Black Rogue
Julia Delaney
Rights of Men, Pride of Petravore
Tulla Reel
A fig for a kiss
Cliffs of Moher
Mountain Road
Fr. Kelly's Reel
Going to the well for water (slide)
Merrily kissed the Quakers wife
Silver Spear
Mountain Road
Red haired lass
Brosna Slide
Toss the Feathers No
Kerfunten Jig
Sligo Maid
St. Anne's Reel
Lilting Banshee
Connaught Man's Rambles
Chief O'Neill's
Hammie Hamilton's Jig
Lark in the morning
Ballydesmond Polkas
Banish Misfortune
Humours of Ennistymon
Sailor's Bonnett
Fisherman's Island
Miss Monaghan
Concertina Reel, Ddur
Tobin's Favourite Jig
Gravel Walks
Trip to Durrow
Morning Dew
Rip the Calico
Leather away the Wattle O
Drunken Landlady
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Donnybrook Fair
Rakish Paddy
Blackthorne Stick
The Old Dudeen
Musical Priest
Old French
Galway Hornpipe
Sally Gardens
Rolling in the Rye Grass
Christmas Eve
Jimmy Ward's Jig
Cup of Tea
Caliope House
Bucks of Oranmore
Kesh Jig
Morrison's Jig
High Part of the Road
Out on the Ocean
Rambling Pitchfork
Boys of the Town
Chicago Reel
Drowsy Maggie
Convenience Reel
Rose in the Heather
Monaghan Jig
Trip to Pakistan
Golden Stud
Mist covered mountain
High Road to Linton
Spindle Shanks
Brenda Stubbert's
High Reel
Star of Munster
Otter's Holt
Off to California
King of the Fairies
Swinging on the Gate
My Love is in America
Monaghan Twig
Paddy's Return
Cook in the kitchen
Master McDermott's (Devanny's Goat)
Flogging Reel
Jenny picking cockles
Boys of Bluehill
Frank's Reel
Longford Collector
Ballydesmond Polka #3
John Ryan's Polka
Maggie in the Woods
Sweeney's Polka
Siege of Limmerick Polka

Ballydesmond Polka #3
Maggie in the Woods
Castle Kelly's
Tenpenny Bit
Far from home
Tatterjack Walsh
Dennis Murphy's & Dan O'Keefe's
Trip to Sligo
Colaraine Jig
Greig's Pipes
Cameronian Reel
Terry Teehan's
Her long dark hair flowing down her back
Cronin's Hornpipe
Tommy Peoples
Old Copperplate
Geese in the bog